Yesterday I was a piece of grass. The sun lit me up and everything around me was glowing.

I moved so effortlessly through the trees and over the rocks and only started to feel tired when I announced to Mum, how happy I was that I wasn’t tired yet! Funny how it was at that moment that the familiar aches in my back and right hip started simmering.

Do you ever get so tired that you think you’ll never have energy again? So sad you think you should just sink into the ground, what’s the point? To be honest that…

I decided to have more peaceful mornings. Simple as that. I don’t have fixed hours but 9am gnaws at me like loads of other made up rules. Well 9 is just a number, so I’ve changed it to 10 (or 11🤭) and I’ve been getting just as much done and feeling happier and more alive. It seems so luxurious to finish washing, getting dressed, making and eating brekkie and to then have time to go for a walk or just sit down and read.

After being literally put under a spell by Entangled Life, I felt like staying in that…

4/5 stars, spoilers kinda.

I thought this was a brilliant book. The pace and tone is natural and familiar, but it’s far from boring. I found the style and attention to detail electrifying. After spending more than a year with it sitting unread on the coffee table, I am so glad I finally started reading it. For some reason I had built up the idea in my head, that it would be clichéd and clumsy; the kind of book in which the author describes feelings and events the way we think we’re supposed to react to them, rather than the…

Pieces of work like this keep me going.

Sometimes I feel dull. As though I am inside a cloud. I fumble around, forcefully trying to remind myself of good things, and times when I felt lively.

I wish I could reach into every moment like that and hand myself something to read.

Even on the first page of The Offing, I felt comforted and welcomed. As though my mind was an old house being spring cleaned after the sunlight revealed the dust.

The prose is vibrant and sensual. Every sentence feels polished but flows naturally. And the story is so…

Think of the simple joys of buying bread from a local baker and vegetables from a greengrocer, instead of shopping in the supermarket. I would like to suggest that we would all benefit from taking the same approach with internet use.

If we slow down and put in a little more effort, we will reap the rewards, and so will the rest of the world. There are three things we should keep in mind: intention, connection and consciousness.

Intention: everything for a (good) reason

A decade or so ago, I used to have particular blogs and websites that I would visit one by one.

I used to go on Flickr to share my photographs, and look at other people’s. For the sake of photography. The focus…

We spent last weekend playing gigs in Devon and Cornwall and I’m feeling grateful for and filled up by the kindness and thoughtfulness of everyone involved.

Moving from place to place a lot, figuring out new situations and being on display can be unsettling, but being surrounded by people who you can comfortably share darkness and lightness with in equal measure makes it easier. We were behind schedule during our setup in Plymouth and time was running out. Dan the promoter made us a heartwarming stew in the background as I shakily told Ricky who we were playing with that…

Ffion Atkinson - web developer (Ff&B.) and distributor for Dutch designers (Zonnelijk). but mainly just a person tryna be good

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